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Enhance Your Smile

Our dental experts provide cosmetic dentistry services in Stittsville and throughout the area, in addition to preventative and emergency dental services. Gumtree Dental Care specializes in services that enhance your smile. We know how important it is to be confident in the way your smile shines, which is why we offer teeth whitening solutions, aesthetic bonding, crowns, and bridges. We strive to make all of our patients feel great when they leave our office and enjoy the way their teeth look and feel. Cosmetic dentistry is a huge part of what we do. If you have a vision for the way you want your teeth to look, let us know, and we will work to make it happen.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

When it comes to receiving cosmetic dental services, it is necessary that you have our professionals on your side. We will evaluate your teeth for the requested service in order to ensure that it is safe for your unique teeth. We proudly provide cosmetic services so that our patients are satisfied with the way their teeth look and function. Over time, the appearance of your teeth can change, but it is nothing that cannot be corrected by our dental experts. The cosmetic dentistry services that you have access to at our office include:

  • Aesthetic Bonding – Bonding is a conservative method of correcting blemishes and irregularities on the surface of your teeth. Learn more.
  • Whitening – We provide at-home whitening options so that you can experience a professional brighter, and whiter smile. We will assess eligibility to receive whitening, as a full exam and cleaning is required. Learn more about Pola Light and Pola Day CP.

What Is a Crown?

Crowns are there to protect! If too much tooth structure has been lost or a root canal was completed, crowns are the ideal restorative option to prevent fracture and tooth loss. This entails removing around 1 mm of tooth structure to make room for porcelain, zirconia and/or metal. The dental lab will make a custom crown, and as an interim a temporary crown will be made following the tooth preparation.

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Signs a Crown May be Needed

  • A filling that breaks very often
  • Visible crack lines
  • Deep cavity with undermined tooth structure

What Is a Bridge?

When a tooth is extracted, one option to fill the missing space and regain function is by preparing the adjacent teeth for a bridge. This means at least 2 teeth would need to be prepared for a crown. It is crucial to maintain very good oral hygiene to maintain the longevity of the bridge.

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Signs a Bridge May be Needed

  • Missing one or more teeth, for multiple teeth missing an implant bridge may be an option
  • Unable to adapt to a partial denture

Whether a crown or bridge is needed, we will discuss all options and give you our expert opinion. We are here to help!

Be Confident in Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is key to improving the look of your teeth. Our experts provide cosmetic dental services to patients so that they can smile freely without worrying about the look of their teeth. Gumtree Dental Care is committed to giving you the results you deserve with our professional dental services. If you are looking for a whiter or more vibrant smile, you can get the necessary services at our office. When you visit us, we will listen to your concerns and evaluate your overall oral health to ensure that your teeth are in the right condition for additional services. Reach out to us today to regain confidence in your smile.

Dental Care for the Whole Family